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    Jonathan Grocott

    Jonathan Grocott has extensive and diverse skills, which have helped him succeed significantly in the wealth management industry. Some of his skills and areas of expertise include financial data analysis, investment strategies, and tax-efficient investing. Grocott's proficiency in various areas allows his firm, Wealth Preservation Associates, to offer clients different service and solution options based on their unique preferences and requirements. Grocott is an active patron of several nonprofits, charities, and good causes scattered across his three adopted states: his native state of New Jersey, where he was born in Trenton City, Pennsylvania, where he grew up just outside the city of Philadelphia, and his current home of North Carolina. He deeply believes in the importance and value of volunteering, watching for volunteering opportunities in and around his Southport home.


    Currently, Grocott lives in Southport, Brunswick County's bustling city in North Carolina, near the mouth of Cape Fear River. He shares his life with his wife, Casey, and his two young daughters, Áine and Rory. Maintaining a healthy balance between his professional and personal life is a top priority for Grocott. When not working, he can enjoy leisure activities with his family, such as boating, fishing, and golfing. Jonathan's love for fishing sprouted while he was still a young man, following in his father's footsteps, and he is also a long-time music enthusiast. Jonathan P Grocott's diverse and balanced life experiences to fuel his compassionate approach towards wealth management, instilling a strong commitment to helping his clients achieve their financial goals while supporting his community and giving back to others.